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Social responsibility

As we design communications and engage audiences, we carefully consider how our work affects the environment and society. In doing so, we help you limit the environmental impact of your project, support equality, and practice conscientious development.


In our Impact Report, we present all our income categorised by industry, show how we’ve carefully aligned our clients’ values, contextualise our carbon emissions, and detail how we’ll measure and reduce them.

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The servers hosting our digital marketing and web design projects run on renewable power. Our data centre is certified ISO 50001 (energy management) and offsets all CO2 generated through hardware manufacture and recycling, electricity production, and employee transport. Our development work accounts for code, content, search engine, and delivery optimisation, leading to websites that need less energy.

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The books and reports we design contain FSC-certified paper. Often, post-consumer reclaimed. Sometimes, World Land Trust Carbon Balanced. We even optimise publication sizes to reduce offcuts. Whenever practical, our printers are local to you and certified ISO 14001 (environmental management systems).

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Open & Honest is Dominic Latham and Jimmy Edmondson, two white cis men from North West England. Let’s be truthful; alone, we are not diverse.

We make projects for global partners and extend our practice with the help of independent animators, copywriters, developers, graphic designers, illustrators, and makers. Through collaboration, we support diversity in age, culture, experience, gender, race, and sexual orientation.

We oppose oppression and dedicate ourselves, through our work, to dismantling classist, sexist, transphobic, racist, and xenophobic ideologies and systems.


We’re committed to pay levels that moderately surpass the Living Wage. We use the Minimum Income Standard to define a baseline informed by public consensus on what we all need to participate in society. Then, we add reasonable costs to allow for relatable aspirations.

Our pension fund is ethical. We invest in, for example, renewable power companies. We exclude any involved in arms, fossil fuels, gambling, pornography, and tobacco.

Often, we’re at our desks from 09:30 to 17:30. Having shared a studio space, we’ve since adopted a remote working culture bolstered by social events.


Whilst we like what 1% for the Planet and B Corp stand for, their memberships come with costs that imbalance our promises to give 10% of our profit to charity and support good causes with limited funds.

As an alternative to third-party accreditation, we provide a truthful history of our impact and commitment to social responsibility.

We’re accountable to you and don’t take your trust for granted; would you like us to reconsider?

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